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We are pleased to feature our latest ministry resource tool, Drs. Michael and Tamara Scott's new book entitled You Need a Faith Lift: 12 Biblical Principles to Grow Your Faith! Have you ever struggled with doubt, fear, and unbelief? Do you sense that perhaps your faith could be a little stronger? Do you have the faith to believe God for things that seem impossible? Now is the time to fully grasp what it means to live by faith. For those who have ever wondered how to increase their faith or how to move faith forward in ministry, business, family, spiritual and personal lives--this book was written especially for you! This book will equip you with the tools and resources you need to live by faith. It outlines a Biblical blueprint for nurturing your faith in a practical and simplistic manner. You will be inspired by the written account of God working in the lives of ordinary people with complicated circumstances, all of whom by faith became victorious over their challenges. The same God who did it for them can do it for you! Order your copy today for just $12, plus $3 shipping and handling.
5.5X8.5 Paperback, 76 Pages. (ISBN#978-0-9773699-1-1)
Retail Price: $12, Shipping & Handling: $3 Total Price: $15

  iPray: Maximizing Your Prayer Life in Today's Busy World
iPray: Maximizing Your Prayer Life in Today's Busy World
How do you find time to pray and meditate in the midst of all that you have going on? How often should you pray? What should you say to God when you pray? iPray is a devotional/informational book that encourages ordinary believers to implement an extraordinary connection with God through the power of prayer. This is a must read for individuals seeking to move to another level in your contemplative relationship with God. 5.5X8.5 Paperback, 70 pages. (ISBN # 978-0-9773699-9-7) Retail Price: $12 Shipping/Handling: $3 Total Price: $15
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