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Keys to Spiritual Success

"Keys to Spiritual Success"
Day Seventeen:  "And when they had done this, they caught a great number of fish, and their net was breaking. So they signaled to their partners in the other boat to come and help them. And they came and filled both the boats, so that they began to sink." Luke 5: 6-7 (NKJV)
The disciples like many of us had experienced a long night or season of frustration and disappointment. After a difficult night season of fishing with no results whatsoever, we find the disciples calling it quits and washing their nets. Once Jesus entered into Peter's boat the entire situation shifted in their favor and for the better! If you are reading this devotional, I believe that you may have endured some frustrating circumstances in 2017. Some of you may have even wanted to quit, "wash your nets", and be through with it.

I hope that this morning's devotional will speak life into your spirit and cause you to realize the level of abundance that is about to come your way, this year! God is about to show you through this text what spiritual success looks like in this season of abundance. Once again, if you're reading this devotional then nine times out of ten your are probably a Christian and Jesus is in your life. However, it's one thing to know Him as your Savior but we cannot stop there. He wants to be your Lord as well. When we give him "lordship" over us, we invite him into our "boats" and give him full command of the ship! I hear the Lord saying in 2018, "Let go and let God take the helm!"  It's not enough to have Jesus in your boat, we must allow him to be Captain of the vessel.  If we truly want to experience spiritual success and supernatural abundance in 2018, there are at least two things that we must implement into our spiritual lives. Yes, that means we must do our part if we want to experience the net breaking, boat sinking success that the disciples in our text experienced. Verse six states, "And when they had done this..." which means they had to do something to activate a successful mission. What did these disciples do that we should take note of?
First, Jesus instructed them to "Launch out in the deeper waters!" Launching out means we must be willing to step out on faith. We must be willing to stretch ourselves beyond the comfort zones of what makes sense to us. We may have to do something  a little different than our normal mundane routine. 

Second, Jesus told them to "Let down your nets..."  These experienced fishermen knew that most fish on the Lake of Gennesaret were caught in the shallow end late at night. Nevertheless, after they had been out fishing all night long to no avail, against their better judgment, they launched out into deep waters in broad daylight and let down one of their fishing nets because of His word! I hear the Lord saying in 2018, we must not be afraid to "try again"! We must be willing to activate His word in our lives. It's our obedience to God's word that brings prosperity and success (Joshua 1:8).

Notice when they launched out and let down the net, they immediately caught so many fish that their net was breaking and they had to beckon their fishing partners to assist them with the catch.  They were so successful with this fishing expedition that both of the boats were filled to capacity and began to sink. I'm believing God to pour out a blessing on you in 2018 that you don't even have the capacity to receive. May God bless you to the point that you have to partner with others to share the abundance of a net breaking, boat sinking bounty!
Devotional Prayer
Father, I thank You for not only being my Savior but for being my Lord and My God! You are King! You are a Great God! You are ruler of everything! Everything that I have belongs to You! Lord Jesus, take control of my life. May You navigate the course, chart the waters, show me the way; lead me in Thy path. Grant me wisdom, discernment, insight into all matters, great and small. I bind up past frustrations and cast down prior disappointments. You have given me the ability to launch out into the deep and let down all of my nets. I am waiting in expectation and anticipation of Your power, in Jesus' name, Amen!

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